I am Now Happy - Masoud's Story

Posted by Lilyan B. on 29-Nov-2017 in Greece

"In Iran, I had everything but I lost it all. Here [in Greece] I don’t have anything – yet I wouldn’t exchange that for anything because I have the Lord!”

Masoud was a successful businessman in Iran and a non-practicing Muslim. Within his business dealings, he had butted heads with Islamic authorities several times over strict Islamic practices, corruption, and stealing. One day he packed his things, asked a smuggler friend to help him, and called his mom to tell her he was leaving.  His mom agreed that it was a good decision to leave as his opposition to Islam posed such a risk to his life.

On his journey, he stayed in a house in Turkey for a few days and met two Iranian refugee Christians. They persisted in meeting with Masoud and shared a lot about Christianity despite Masoud’s mockery and disinterest; that said, Masoud glimpsed their love, kindness, and passion. Further along his journey, Masoud befriended another influential Christian when he wound up stuck in a Greek military prison for three months. While in prison, the Christian man would pray with his fellow prisoners and talk about Jesus and Christianity. Masoud began to realize that everywhere he went, he befriended a Christian; in every place he landed, there was a person evangelizing to him. He realized that this wasn’t by accident, God was perfectly orchestrating his movement so Masoud could encounter Him.

Once he was released from prison and made his way to Greece, Masoud agreed to go to the Iranian Church that a Christian friend of his had found. Masoud started learning more about Jesus Christ and studying the Scriptures. He realized the power of the gospel and “liked it, loved it, and followed it.” In Iran, Masoud says, “They were chasing God, but I saw that the God of Christianity comes to us. In Iran, I had everything but I lost it all. Here [in Greece] I don’t have anything – yet I wouldn’t exchange that for anything because I have the Lord!”

Currently, Masoud is very active in the Iranian Church and its ministries. He’s always at church cleaning, cooking, studying, and evangelizing. As he says, “I’m so happy I don’t know how to share it. I want to serve the Lord and pray for others.” He would like to join a Bible school if he can find or raise the support. His dream is to become a missions pastor. He is passionate about Jesus and about continuing to bring many people to the Iranian Church. Many have become Christians because of him – something he hopes and prays will continue.


It is easy to see the refugee crisis and become desensitized or lose hope. Yet Masoud’s life is a incredible example of the story God is writing across Europe. We need people like you to evangelize to refugees so they can experience the same freedom Masoud has. Head to our serve page to find out how you can be apart of the story!



*name has been changed for security reasons

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