Who we are

Focused on inspiring churches and people to have a heart for missions both at home in the UK and abroad.

Our Roots

Greater Europe Mission’s involvement in the UK first began with the 2012 Olympic Games in London as a small group of Canadian and American missionaries  spread the gospel to people gathered from across the world. A few years later GEM UK was formed with Birmingham area pastor and British native Andy Hodson taking on the role of director.

Make Disciples of All Nations

Since then, GEM UK has been focused on inspiring British churches and people to have a heart for missions, both at home and abroad. Not so many years ago, the United Kingdom was a leader in sending missionaries all over the globe. Through training, discipleship, and raising awareness of missions, we hope to once again see people from the UK heading out again to spread the Gospel.

A Local and Global Vision

We also desire to see a revitalisation of the church here in our own country. By developing partnerships with local UK churches and charities, we seek to provide opportunities for missionaries from other parts of the world to be a part of God’s movement in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Our Partners

International Gospel Outreach

IGO began in 1967 with a group of 7 trustees who felt that the Lord wanted them to join together and form a group that would give mutual support, one to the other. It has continued ever since and is made up of ordained ministers, affiliated ministers, Christian workers and intercessors that are connected across the world and exist to recognise the whole church and reach out to the whole world.