Who We Are

Focused on inspiring churches and people to have a heart for mission both at home in the UK and abroad

Our Roots

Greater Europe Mission’s involvement in the UK first began with the 2012 Olympic Games in London as a small group of Canadian and American missionaries  spread the gospel to people gathered from across the world. A few years later GEM UK was formed with Birmingham area pastor and British native Andy Hodson taking on the role of director.

Making Disciples Of All Nations

Since then, GEM UK has been focused on inspiring British churches and people to have a heart for missions, both at home and abroad. Not so many years ago, the United Kingdom was a leader in sending missionaries all over the globe. Through training, discipleship, and raising awareness of missions, we hope to once again see people from the UK heading out again to spread the Gospel.

A Local and Global Vision

We also desire to see a revitalisation of the church here in our own country. By developing partnerships with local UK churches and charities, we seek to provide opportunities for missionaries from other parts of the world to be a part of God’s movement in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Our Core Values


GEM workers minister to others out of their own ongoing transformation.

We want to see God’s Kingdom expanded through our workers and partners. We know we can best minister to others out of our ongoing and holistic transformation by the Lord. As believers, we are called to represent and demonstrate the values and practices of God’s Kingdom in whatever context we find ourselves find ourselves.


GEM workers are passionate about seeing the lost saved and disciples multiplied.

We are disciples who make disciples. We desire to be used by the Lord to expand His Kingdom in Europe. We feel an urgency to see the people of Europe meet Jesus and grow in their personal relationship with Him. We expect all of our workers to exhibit diligence, passion, and excellence in their work, living as a worthy example of a gratefully redeemed life.


GEM workers strive to be humble in attitudes and actions.

Our disposition in GEM is to serve the Body of Christ. We will respect and treat others as we would want to be treated. Humility also characterizes how we relate cross-culturally, taking the initiative to cross cultural bridges to partners, team members, and those we want to reach.


GEM leaders intentionally lead, develop, and care for their teammates.

GEM views leadership as equal parts Leading, Developing, and Caring for others. We strive to lead people to fulfill our mission and vision and reach their maximum individual God-given potential. Every member of our organization has an identifiable leader to whom they are accountable. These leaders are deeply committed to seeing their people thrive as individuals, families, and GEM workers.


GEM is a community committed to collaborating with one another, other organizations, and with local believers and churches for the Kingdom.

GEM is a community committed to collaborating with one another, other organizations, and with local believers and churches for the Kingdom.
We care for one another and hold one another to high standards. We believe in team, understanding that teams look different in different places. We eagerly partner with other like-minded individuals and organizations in our fields of service and in our sending countries. Unity does not equal uniformity. We mobilize workers from multiple aspects of Christ’s Church. We encourage innovation, adaptability, and creativity in myriad ways as we accomplish our mission and vision


GEM honors God’s generosity in the people and resources He provides.

God is the great provider. GEM will transparently manage the time, finances, relationships, and responsibilities entrusted to us and our workers. Part of that stewardship is helping our people to discover and maximize their unique contribution to the Kingdom. We ask hard questions and encourage one another to accountability and transparency.

Jez Dearing, GEM UK CEO

GEM UK Leadership

Reverend Jez Dearing – CEO

Rev Jez Dearing lives with his wife Jo, three sons, and one daughter in Birmingham (though he is not a Brummie). He currently works with GEM UK as the CEO while also in the same role with the OIKOS Collective. Jez’s passion is making disciples, planting churches, and enabling others to be effective in their missional endeavours. Over the past twelve years, he has been involved in planting two churches, starting a business as a mission cafe, and helping to lead the Birmingham collective, a regional church planting movement.  He loves almost all sports and supports Tottenham Hotspurs. 

Sebastien Brandt – COO

missionary in Scotland with his wife Jess and their three children. He works as the COO (Chief Operating Officer) for GEM UK which includes Human Resources, Communications, Finance, and Training. His passion is for the development and training of missionaries or local workers in preparation for working on the mission field. He also joined the ECMI team to help in the development and continuation of the training side of different ECMI ministries. He holds a degree in Computer Science, Practical Ministry, and an MAiTh in Theology. He has also had the privilege to lecture in a BA programme at Tilsley College in Scotland as their Pastoral Lead. Theological training, discipleship, and mentoring are strong aspects of Sebastien’s ministry. 

Jessica Brandt

Jessica Brandt is a binational (French/Italian) missionary. She was 17 years old when she became a follower of Jesus. She has been married to Seb for more than 20 years, and as a couple, they have been blessed with three children. Seb and Jess have been on the UK field as missionaries since 2015, they spent the first six years working with local Christian organizations and being involved in all kinds of ministry and mission teams before joining the ministry of GEM. Jess is the GEM UK Field Leader as well as a Christian podcaster for the worldwide French-speaking audience. She loves chatting about the Kingdom of God, the power of the Gospel, and the relevance of the scripture for our generation. Jess holds a degree in communication, an MSc in City planning, and a diploma of higher education in biblical studies and Christian ministry.

Get In Touch

GEM is about creating communities by making disciples. If you are a network leader or follower of Christ exporing missions, we invite you to connect with us.

Our Partners

International Gospel Outreach began in 1967 with a group of 7 trustees who felt that the Lord wanted them to join together and form a group that would give mutual support, one to the other. It has continued ever since and is made up of ordained ministers, affiliated ministers, Christian workers and intercessors that are connected across the world and exist to recognise the whole church and reach out to the whole world.

In 1944 GEM’s founder and US Navy Chaplain Bob Evans was injured by a mine in Southern France. During his recovery, he found the majority of locals did not have a personal relationship with Jesus and found his calling: to bring the Gospel to Europe. A band of passionate missionaries, lay-people, and leaders took to Bob’s vision and saw GEM expand from its evangelistic roots in France to reach across Western and Eastern Europe and even North Africa.

Through this legacy, today GEM partners with scores of ministries across Europe: from Bible-seminaries to 1000-year-old churches, from Christian camps to coffee shops, each impacting the peoples of Europe with the authentic and relevant Word of the Gospel.